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Grounds Maintenance

Our Mission:

To provide an aesthetically safe and functional campus for all students, faculty, staff, and the community.

Grounds Maintenance Strategic Plan
Organizational Chart

Mike Quartaro, Director for Grounds Maintenance    742-3801

Charles Leatherwood,Senior Grounds Superintendent    742-3801

Vacant, Grounds Superintendent    742-3801

Jeff Burns, Don Roulain, Marty Treider and David Lira, Grounds Foremen    742-3801

Maria Rosales, Greenhouse Technician, IMPP    742-3801

Dorothy Kruse, Department Safety Coordinator    742-3801


The Grounds Maintenance Department currently employs 102 Technical/Service Personnel, 3 Administrative/Clerical Staff, and is directed by the Director, Assistant Director, and Superintendent of Grounds Maintenance.


The Grounds Maintenance Department is responsible for maintenance of:

Areas of responsibility in addition to the campus include the University Medical Center, Texas Tech University Health Science Center, North Lubbock County Farm Facility, Grantham, the International Textile Center, Reese, SouthPark, and the Chancellor's Residence.

Interior Maintenance Plant Program

IMPP is a campus wide service to Texas Tech academic and non-academic departments for planning and installation of indoor plant material. In addition, IMPP also offers the Rent-A-Plant program of green and blooming plants for stages, conference rooms, and graduations. Once a year IMPP offers poinsettias for sale for office or homes.

Grounds Use Permits

A grounds-use permit, issued by The Center for Campus Life,  is required for use of campus grounds.  Grounds Maintenance and other service departments advise and provide assistance as necessary for scheduled events.  Contact 742-3801 for assistance or service.

Operation of vehicles/equipment on walks and lawn areas is not permitted unless prior arrangements have been made with Grounds Maintenance to ensure that damage to landscape features foes not occur.  Please contact Grounds Maintenance at 742-3801 for approval.

Digging Permit

Most of the university's utilities distribution and telephone systems are underground.  Excavations and digging on the grounds must be approved in advance and meet the installation requirements of the Operating/Policy and Procedure, 76.42 Underground Trenching and Utilities.  Contact Building Maintenance and Construction at 742-3317, and Grounds Maintenance at 742-3801.


If you are interested in working for Grounds Maintenance, please visit Texas Tech's job site at

After Hours Emergency

If an emergency occurs after hours, please notify Emergency Maintenance at 742-3328.